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" The Growth Mindset "

                                                                                          . . . PREVIOUSLY on being a PATHFINDER

Last time I talked about how everything started for me to be a Spearhead Mission Pathfinder.  Let me tell you now, it was not easy. It was in fact very, very difficult.
But how was I able to do it? How was I able to start? And how am I still going through it amidst its difficulty?
Well, the answer is having a Growth Mindset.
Having a growth mindset means that, with effort, you know you can train your brain to get smarter.

I have come across this video before and I was so enthused that I had to teach it to my daughter, MJ.
And then I saw this quote:

I actually have to do it first for my daughter to imitate it and not just teach it to her.  I've read from somewhere that children do not remember as much what you teach them but for sure will remember who you are and how you do things.
I remember Mama and how she tried to teach me to solve a math problem and I do not recall what specific problem but I definitely remembered how she did it.

One story I can share with you is:

Me and my brother Randy did not meet until maybe I was 5 years old and he was 4.  He grew up with our Grandmother ( we call Nanay ) in Tacloban, Leyte and I in Manila with Mama.  I did not even know I have a brother.  The day we met we were immediately matched up against each other (Battle of the Brains-Style) by my Uncles and Aunties with math problems and we both eagerly participated -- me hyped by Mama and Randy by Nanay, surrounded by my cousins.  It was a show to know who is smarter, the big brother or the little brother.  Never mind who won ( not me ). 

The thing is, we were branded already that we both are smart boys and they keep on telling us that our father was a genius in math and we should be also.  That's what stuck to us.  We are smart--Innately.  And not to brag, we really are smart.  We cruised our way throughout primary school even with the challenges of not having money.  We are poor. (yes, I used "are"--present tense because we
still are.)  And I am proud of it because being poor made me street smart as well.  I have 'street cred' if you want to go gangsta' on me.  I cannot say how it is with my brother Randy but I will tell you my side of how life went from high school until now.  ( Relax this will be short. )

The danger here is that being branded smart has a tendency to have a fixed mindset.  I do not study that hard because just listening to the teacher is enough for me to get the lesson.  I cram during exams knowing I can pass it.  I know I am smart and everyone around me told me I am.  But I am not top of the class.  I failed miserably with my one year stint in a science High School.  I do not remember what the lessons are after a week.  In short, my brain did not grow because I am not willing to make an effort.  An Extra Effort.

However, all the lessons that I remembered,  all the problems I was able to solve and all the things that built my character to what it is today came from all the life lessons I know I PUT EXTRA EFFORT INTO despite difficulties.
All the times I faced misfortunes, setbacks and complications.  All those times I am humbled, on my knees and praying.  Were the times I felt the STRONGEST, when I think about it now.

Very capable because of a GROWTH MINDSET.

After 34 years of my life, there's finally a name for it.  Thanks to Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

 And so you see, I have to unlearn having a fixed mindset and then learn to have a Growth Mindset first before I can teach it to my child.  I know this will take some time but for my child, it's worth it.

Growth Mindset will be the driving force to be a Spearhead Mission Pathfinder because
I want to

"Be a Blessing. . .
Spread the word."

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