Thursday, February 4

" Give, Share & Inspire Part 1 "
Spearhead Mission empowers everyone through Financial Literacy. It aims to give everyone a chance for Financial Freedom through Financial Education.
To spearhead awareness is the heart and soul of the mission guided by a simple concept of learning and sharing.
The Spearhead Concept:
The Logo is a Spearhead
with 3 precious Gems.
1. Learn by yourself and
2. Learn from others,
Good or Bad
and the Mission is to
3. Share it.

Giving. Sharing. Inspiring.
That is what the mission is doing.
I really felt I have to try explain it.
So here's me trying...

Giving out relevant information when it comes to personal finance, free of charge.

Thru these facebook groups:
This is a closed group but any member can add or approve members.  SpearheadMission is a platform to post anything you'd like to share when it comes to personal finance
This is a closed group and Any member can add members, but an admin must approve them.
Also, GroupThinkFriday (GTF) is strictly for scheduling purposes and posting of previous sessions.  Commenting is allowed but sharing anything other than photos of the sessions are not allowed or by the discretion of admins.

What relevant information?
There are six sessions, we also call them Gifts, namely:

 Session One:  Be a Blessing & Be Truly Happy
 Session Two:  Saving vs. Spending
 Session Three:  Insurance
 Session Four:  Importance of Emergency Fund and Managing Your Debt
 Session Five:  Retirement
Session Six:  Investment Instruments


Sharing our own personal experiences, good or bad, so we can help more people.
We do sessions every Friday at our home after work and some other days in the week by special requests.  ( see for schedules )
Testimonials resonate more than just sharing information.  It makes us realize that our problems are not unique and were already experienced by others.  Experienced and solved by others. It makes everyone feel that we are all human and we make mistakes.  But what we do after we fall makes all the difference in the world.
We share the good so others can imitate and more so, we share the bad so others will stay away from it. 
We share not to look like we know everything rather we share because we don't.  And that's where you come in.  Your cue to step inside and share your story.


When it comes to personal finance Dave Ramsey famously quoted it's 80% Behavior and 20% Head Knowledge.
For me personally, it was 80% Behavior-20% Head Knowledge in starting my own Financial Education but 80% Head Knowledge-20% Behavior when it comes to spreading it.
Inspiring other people to take hold of their finances is a lot of work, a lot of thinking, a lot of Head Knowledge.  Behavior lets you be cool with stubborn non-believers of being smart with money.
It's a cycle.
For it's their own behavior that will ignite them to start and head knowledge for them to be able to spread it.
I have read about 80 books since I started my financial journey or should I say financial awakening March 2015.  The authors of these books are successful people and they want to share it.
If they can do it, I can.
If I can do it, you can.
The only hindrance we all have is the ability to say " I can ".

So the ultimate question is:
Why spread financial education?
Why are you doing this JP? What have you to gain? Why waste time, money and effort?
Why can't you just be a normal person and live your life?
I will answer that question with my next post so stay tuned. ( dun... dun... dun... )
Yes. this is me trying to suspense you guys to follow me with this Financial Journey in being a Spearhead Mission Pathfinder.

In the meantime, was I able to explain the mission?
Forgive me. I really tried.
What question/s you might have for me?

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