Monday, August 3

" The Catalysts "

It all started with MPF Fidelity.
A Mandatory Provident Fund system required by the Hong Kong Government for *all employees and self-employed persons, except exempted persons, aged between 18 and 65, are required to participate in and make regular contributions to registered MPF schemes. Employers and self-employed persons will be prosecuted for not complying with the Ordinance.
MPF scheme members include full-time and part-time employees who are employed for a continuous period of not less than 60 days, casual employees employed in the catering or the construction industry on a day-to-day basis, or for a fixed period of less than 60 days, and self-employed persons except:

  • Domestic workers
  • Self-employed hawkers
  • Persons from overseas who enter Hong Kong and work for a period not exceeding 13 months; or who are members of a retirement scheme outside Hong Kong
  • People already covered by statutory pension or provident fund schemes
  • Employees who choose to be members of an MPF-exempted ORSO Scheme
  • Employees of the European Union Office of the European Commission in Hong Kong 
* information taken from Best Serve Financial LTD
For more information check: MPFA

It actually started when I received an envelope of my MPF Fidelity, actually opened it and read its content.
Then an invitation by friends Edgar Caole & Aima Hermosa Caole, which I personally call "The Catalysts", to their home.  Coincidentally to talk about the same thing--MPF Fidelity.  
It was a small group of friends having coffee and comparing chosen Fidelity Funds and a little presentation about Philippine Stock Exchange by Edgar. 
Little did they know that at this very night I was not able to sleep because I went online, researched all about Fidelity Funds, and inspired me to really spread the word to all my colleagues as requested by the couple Edgar and Aima.  And the following day at work, I spent all my break time talking to more than 10 people about their MPF Fidelity.  I did that every working day until the birth of the Spearhead Mission and occasionally when people asks me to.
This coffee chat sparked the investor in me and I did not stop learning after that.
And that is why I want to give back and share everything I know to everyone I come into contact with, especially Filipino performing artists in Hong Kong Disneyland.
I want to
"Be a Blessing. . .

Spread the word"

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